Warehouse sealing

Warehouse sealing

Apron sealing locks are used to protect the space between the warehouse and the car against the influence of weather conditions during the reloading process. They seal the space around the external outline of trucks, over the entire range of their width and height, the lock structure is flexible and does not cause pressure on the building’s façade. Sealing gates are also known as gate seals.

Benefits of using sealing locks:

Minimizing the open space between the vehicle and the building, thus reducing the risk of accidents

Protection against weather conditions and airborne contaminants

Reducing energy consumption, especially in winter, limits the amount of cold air inside the warehouse

The lock is also a difficult obstacle to overcome for people who do not have access to the building

Design Features:

For the production of locks, we use solid materials that are characterized by excellent resistance to weather conditions, high tearing strength and are resistant to wear, the steel structure is galvanically protected against corrosion.

Why do we need accessories for warehouse seals?

protection of the space between the warehouse and the interior of the truck’s hold against the influence of weather conditions

ensuring safe and comfortable working conditions