Ramp for the BUSES

Ramp for the BUSES

The annual growth in the e-commerce and courier transport market has surpassed all market expectations.

In response to this trend, we have developed a solution called the Bus Ramp. By utilizing the Bus Ramp, the loading area of a bus or forklift is aligned with the warehouse level, enabling loading of these vehicles at a standard unloading dock. This facilitates a seamless flow of goods between warehouses, supports the continuity of supply chains, and ensures timeliness. Our experienced team offers professional guidance from the planning stage, through technical considerations, assembly, to final approval. Each ramp is individually designed, accounting for the building floor height and terrain slope, ensuring precise alignment with the client’s specific requirements.

Why is a Bus Ramp necessary?

  • Elevating the loading area of the delivery vehicle to the warehouse ramp level
  • Equipping buses with a standard electro-hydraulic ramp for charging
  • Increasing the daily transshipment volume
  • Offering the option of charging electric cars during reloading

Who benefits from the Bus Ramp?

  • Courier companies seeking to expedite daily loading processes
  • E-commerce companies
  • Food suppliers and e-grocery businesses
  • Companies aiming to enhance the daily volume of bus reloading operations


SIDE PLATFORM - for pedestrian traffic
BUMPERS - additional security
RAILINGS - traffic safety

Basic technical data

* possibility of increasing/decreasing parameters according to individual specification


Light vehicles (buses) - Light vehicles (buses)
Heavy vehicles (trucks) - Heavy vehicles (trucks)