Mobile Yard Ramp

Mobile Yard Ramp

Unloading and loading under tight time constraints are common challenges in modern logistics. GERTON has been effectively handling these tasks safely and efficiently for years. Our innovative solution, the MOBILE RAMP, allows for reloading anywhere, regardless of weather conditions, with minimal manpower—just one forklift operator is needed.

This device is a time and cost-saving marvel, praised by all our clients. From large warehouse companies where it seamlessly integrates into well-designed processes, to small enterprises where it serves as a vital reloading center.

Why opt for a mobile ramp?

  • Unloading various types of semi-trailers, trailers, and containers from the loading yard
  • Access to the warehouse—ask about our shorter version
  • Reloading of unconventional goods—long, wide, delicate
  • Loading vehicles like AGRO machines or passenger cars

Who benefits from the mobile ramp?

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises seeking to streamline unloading processes and reduce labor costs
  • Large enterprises and warehouses aiming to optimize goods flow, increase reloading capacity, and support variable processes

Materials used in the ramp:

  • Entire structure crafted from reinforced S355 steel
  • Support frame built with C300
  • Robust support for the running surface made from profiles
  • Running surface composed of 6mm expanded metal
  • Sturdy container lip
  • Structure weighs approximately 4 tons

Why choose GERTON?

We recognized a common issue among Polish entrepreneurs investing in mobile ramps: unreliable sliding surfaces and a lack of durable alternatives to cheap Eastern products. Moreover, finding a company with reliable service and a secondary market was nearly impossible.

To address this, we engineered GERTON mobile ramps—devices built to withstand years of flawless operation, featuring a meticulously designed support system for the running surface and a timeless design. Drawing on our experience as both a supply chain participant and manufacturer, we create products renowned for their reliability. We continually design, enhance, and tailor them to meet our clients’ needs.


SIDE PLATFORM - for pedestrian traffic
RAMPS IN AGRO VERSION - extended working surface for special requirements
PUMP - for pedestrian traffic
BUMPERS - additional security
ROOFING - protection against weather conditions
RAILINGS - traffic safety

Basic technical data

* possibility of increasing/decreasing parameters according to individual specification

Forklifs - Forklifs
Agro machinery - Agro machinery