Container on the ground Ramp

Container on the ground Ramp

In modern logistics, containers have become an integral part of everyday operations.

We introduce an efficient and adaptable solution for loading and unloading containers. The Container Ramp solution is tailored to accommodate variations in surface levels. Utilizing this device leads to swifter container unloading, resulting in time and cost savings. The incorporation of opening flaps on the ramp’s running surface ensures effortless transport using a vehicle equipped with forks. Ramps are custom-designed based on the customer’s specific dimensions.

Why is a container ramp necessary?

  • Facilitating the unloading of containers
  • Overcoming height disparities within the warehouse
  • Enabling the entry and exit of a trolley loaded with goods into the container
  • Facilitating unloading of multiple containers at different locations through ramp mobility

Who benefits from the container ramp?

  • Companies seeking to expedite the unloading process of containers situated at level “0”
  • Companies aiming to flexibly utilize a portable warehouse, such as a container

Technical Specifications:

  • Load capacity: 1 – 12 tons
  • Anti-slip running surface
  • Structure shot-blasted and protected with epoxy paints
  • The ramp is tailored to the customer’s personalized requirements, with its size adjusted to fit the container or height difference
  • The ramp can be transferred via opening flaps, screw-in flaps, or side “drawers” onto the forks.

Flat track - Flat track
Standard 20/40 FT - Standard 20/40 FT

Basic technical data

* possibility of increasing/decreasing parameters according to individual specification

Forklifs - Forklifs
Pallet jack - Pallet jack