Get to Know Us and Our Mission

What We Do?

GERTON revolutionizes logistics by implementing cutting-edge loading ramps and bespoke logistics solutions, facilitating swift reloading, unloading of unconventional cargo, and tailoring warehouse configurations to suit individual customer needs.

How Are We Doing?

We kick off our endeavors with a complimentary consultation, delving deep into your company’s pain points. Collaboratively, we craft a solution poised to address these challenges effectively and achieve your envisioned objectives. From production to delivery, and often installation, we ensure seamless execution at the end-user’s site.

Why Was GERTON Established?

GERTON stems from years of firsthand experience navigating the intricacies of the supply chain as both a carrier and proprietor of a transhipment warehouse. Confronted with the daily hurdles of modern logistics, we discerned a pressing demand for products capable of delivering enduring and dependable support in swiftly modifiable areas.

Does the Customer Influence the Product?

Absolutely. Each device’s production is preceded by a meticulous situational analysis, enabling us to ascertain its efficacy in fulfilling the customer’s crucial objectives. Armed with this understanding, we adeptly tweak parameters or recommend supplementary options as necessary.


Observing the plight of numerous Polish enterprises grappling with logistics solutions prone to rapid deterioration, incessant maintenance, and misalignment with project requisites, we resolved to combat this issue head-on through the establishment of GERTON—a consultancy and manufacturing powerhouse. Our mission: to furnish client companies with solutions engineered to effect tangible, enduring change. Drawing upon our extensive experience in the supply chain and manufacturing realms, we engineer products renowned for their reliability over years of service. Curious if we can transform your company’s logistics landscape?

Reach out and let’s find out.


We delve into your challenges, proposing tailored solutions. Upon preliminary agreement, we conduct on-site visits for enhanced solution selection.


This phase sees the creation of a project blueprint based on insights gleaned from site visits. You’ll receive comprehensive visualizations and specifications for your approval.


We oversee the entire logistical chain—from loading and oversized transport, complete with certified pilots, to seamless unloading at the designated destination.


Our adept assembly team descends upon your site to install the device, meticulously managing all safety protocols, unloading procedures, and final acceptance.


In the event of device malfunction or damage, rest assured, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive service offerings include prompt repairs and access to spare parts, ensuring minimal disruptions to your operations.